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“Mummy, THERE’S A PIGEON!!!!”…

… shouted the dog without using any of those words. Her Ladyship can convey so much with her expressive little eyebrows, that wibbly-wobbly tail and her throaty, “I’m going to eat that bird”- bark. Today, we’ve had a lot of the throaty bark to remind me that the only way to get pigeons to pay attention to you, leave the garden or generally just exist away from Her Ladyship is to have a bark along those lines. She has yelled and woofed and made her presence imminently clear for all those in the vicinity of our garden, the office or within a radius of 500m of her.

She is a gob-on-legs.

Pigeons respond as you’d expect when confronted with a nutty black Labrador chasing them on down; they scarper. But not before she’s told them, and told them again. Her Ladyship likes shouting.

When I was writing and working on stuff that actually pays money and is linked to my actual paid work, Her Ladyship decided that the pigeons and squirrels that frequent the trees above my office needed to LEAVE! THEY NEEDED TO LEAVE NOW! She told me and them voraciously. And in case I’d not heard it, she told me again.

Pigeons are a bit part of our lives at the moment. Working from home probably shouldn’t have such a high pigeon content, but it does. Working from home seems to have a lot of avian content in general. There are crows, there are sparrows, there was the poor little blue tit that didn’t quite make it, there are swallows that live in the roof.

But none of those little birdlets makes gets quite the attention that pigeons do from Her Ladyship.

Her Ladyship does NOT. LIKE. PIGEONS!