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Working Together

Dr Helen Ross founded Helen’s place to support all learners and professionals to drive positive change for those with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties.

Whether you are a business, school or individual, we can help you. Keep scrolling to learn more.

From full diagnostic assessments and exam access arrangements to specialist dyslexia support and mathematics tutoring, we are here to help. We offer in-person tutoring from our hub in Trowbridge, Wiltshire or online via zoom.

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We will give you the tools and skills to support young learners in an enjoyable environment with specialist and bespoke training delivered in your setting and at your convenience.  Click below to discover the Dyslexia training we can offer your school or organisation.

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Our founder, Dr Helen Ross, is an experienced, published, qualitative researcher focusing on provisions for young people with Dyslexia and special educational needs. If you need a fresh perspective, someone to consult on methodologies, data analysis or present on project findings, Helen is the expert you need.  Click below to find out more.

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Helen has provided expert insight into projects, product development and market research for several organisations (OrCam Technologies Ltd, I Want a Standing Desk Ltd, Scanning Pens Ltd). She has also supported individuals navigate their studies by providing space and time for them to reflect on their own journeys and focuses. Her rates are competitive and she is happy take time to discuss your needs and plan how we can work together.
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To make changes within our educational and professional environments, we need to our messages to be heard. As a valuable trustee, board member and consultant, our founder Dr Helen Ross, advocates for the interests of people with Dyselexia by lobbying and informing key decision makers, governmental ministers, educational establishments and professionals worldwide.

Get in touch if would like to speak to Dr Helen Ross about board positions within your organisation.

Helen is passionate about sharing her experience and mission to improve educational settings for people with Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties. The key to this message is getting in front of people to deliver insight to people that matter. Click below to find out more, and invite Helen to speak at your next event.

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