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EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk- they know who I am!

The fear exists and is very much in the house. Well, the garden office at this point in time. But the fear is definitely here.

A dude. A dyslexia-famous dude had messaged me this morning, via my website. He’s like ‘been on BBC Breakfast’ famous because of a book he wrote a few years back and somehow, I’m on his radar. I don’t know how, but I am. And it is terrifying. It is exciting and amazing but mainly terrifying because he’s a proper, full-on professor and I most definitely am not.

I am an indie researcher with no uni affiliation! I am in NCIS as of yesterday though!

And I don’t actually want to change that either. I like dancing to the beat of my own drum. But sometimes it is a scary drum, that is for sure!

So this chap who messaged me has somehow got wind that I exist and then has decided that he wants to have a read of a book chapter that I wrote! Which is quite cool. He has looked on my website, found my book and popped me a message. In addition to that, said that he wouldn’t mind meeting up in Autumn to talk all things dyslexia. Who knows whether that will actually happen but what a barmy idea: that an actual, proper, full-on professor would contact me and ask to read something I wrote. I think it’s bonkers but really exciting.

I don’t want an affiliation and I certainly don’t want to be working with a uni as far away geographically as this one as anything other than an indie, external consultant. But how flipping flattering that I am on the radar.

I dunno what will go on with discussions at all, or if anything even will happen chat-wise but the idea if cool if nothing else! I can sit back and realise that something somewhere has been taken notice of and I’ve hopefully ruffled a few feathers in the process!

And be utterly terrified as well!