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Una Cama Elastica: the bounce-back system

Anyone who knows me or follows me on any form of social media knows that I LOVE me my trampoline. I LOVE it beyond belief and I think that’s even more the case because I didn’t have one when I was younger.

Me and My Trampoline

It sounds like a dog or at least some sort of companion. But it isn’t. It is just a trampoline. Back in March, I had a 12 foot trampoline that had been left in our house by the previous owners 2 years ago. I used it a lot. I love it. It’s just utter bliss and fun to play on. It was too big for our garden and we had a lot of work that needed sorting out. So when my friend with 3 kids got wind that there was a trampoline needing a new home, it wended its way over to her and the kiddos. They have loved it and the rest, as they say is almost history for that fantastic piece of kid.

Except that it’s not quite the end.

Enforced Patience

I am not a patient person in the slightest. Not remotely so. So when lockdown kicked in and I had enough of no trampoline, I ordered a new, smaller one. I waited for about 8 weeks and because of the shortage, my order just wasn’t ready. I wasn’t angry but really did want a new one. I spent a lot of time trawling the internet searching for a place that had stock, pretty much to no avail. Until one night, back in June when I found one.

So I ordered it.

It was coming from Spain and was with me about a week later. I was possibly the most excited 38-year-old person, in the world ever, at school when my phone buzzed to tell me it was being delivered. The kids and my colleagues were laughing their socks off at me- I totally get why!

That Bouncy Support System

The trampoline was from Spain, so the box had ‘cama elastic’ on it- elastic bed- which I love! It makes total sense and is such a literal, clear picture of what the thing is! And what it does. A bed sustains you, supports you, lets you relax and chill. You can sleep or just be calm and not have to justify yourself to anyone in bed. For me a trampoline is the same. It’s just fun and so relaxing. I feel better when I exercise and look after myself; part of that happens on my trampoline, my exercise bike, my real bike or just walking to town with the Little Dude. Talking to family and having a support system that way is also vital. Like a bed, it supports me, lets me relax and chill.

When I didn’t have a trampoline, I felt grumpy and didn’t have the same outlet for that as I might. When I don’t have my support network about, I feel grumpy and lost and my general well-being is not great. I am lucky. I have both an amazing support network and a trampoline to exercise on.

Not everyone has that.

It is so glaringly unignorable in these bonkers and ridiculous times that not everyone has the support network that they need. There are people who are struggling with many aspects of life, and these struggles are far from over.

So we need to be each others’ ‘cama elastica.’ We need to do little things, wherever we can to support each other, look after each other’s well being, and to make each other relax and chill a bit!

Love me a trampoline I do. So let’s share that feeling!