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Throwaway Culture (or I don’t like it and it’s rubbish!)

I know it’s hard to believe – if you know me in person it may be a little less hard to believe – but sometimes I can get a bit stroppy and patience with myself is not always something I excel in. Again, hard to believe. But here we are (said with my tongue very much in my cheek).

I am very, very fiery and sometimes it doesn’t always channel in helpful ways.

              So today, when I was drawing a little picture project that I’d saved for about 2 weeks and it wasn’t going well, my stroppy side kicked in. Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken a load of pictures on my phone of spring flowers. They’re not great pictures and I’m most definitely not a great photographer; they are phone pics for a snapshot of a moment. And I had been saving them to draw over the Easter break because I like drawing. Again, I’m not the best sketcher by far, but I enjoy it and it’s good fun usually. Unless I get in a strop.

And today, I very much got in a strop.

I was drawing a daffodil (it’s here if the picture display function works properly… ?!) and it started out properly pants. I absolutely hated it but Mr Dr Ross and Mummy and Daddy Newton told me not to throw it out or screw it up. I was, in no uncertainly, instructed that I was not to have a stop, that I was to work through it and sort myself out. I may or may not have been gracious in the process. I cannot possibly offer any useful discussion on that point, because clearly I am right all the time and if I appear not to be, it just means I’m not right yet.

So this picture… actually it turned out OK, despite me wanting to chuck it and having a strop about it.

I’m pretty sure that if every time stuff seemed hard or tricky, and I sacked it off, threw it  away and had a strop, I’d probably still be doing not much outside of the box, and I’d be bored. I always take daft routes through things and most definitely blaze my own trail through things, which really is not easy and sometimes it looks like a hot mess of scribble that would be very easy to screw up in a ball and chuck in the bin. But sometimes those messy scribbles turn into exciting, dynamic new adventures that actually look quite good when you step back from them.

Not unlike today’s daffodil. Sometimes, it’s worth sticking with tricky stuff.