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Skint and on stay-cation

This summer, for a gazillion reasons, none of which are bad or were unpredictable, me and the hubby are a bit skint. This is skint in the first-world problems kind of ball-park, so I will caveat this with the fact that I am writing from a position of privilege.

We didn’t book a holiday away at all this year and instead we’ve had family come to visit for a couple of weeks at a time. First my family came and then the hubby’s mum was here. And we’ve had a fantastic time. At the moment I’m based in the South-West of England and it’s a stunning part of the world. Both our families are in the midlands so it’s a bit of a trek for family to come and see us but we’ve really done well with both sets. We’ve had days out in Bath, and played out at Bristol Zoo, as well as taking in the seaside air down in Bournemouth dahhhlings! We’ve had farm shop lunches and Costa Coffees, with the odd trip to London thrown in there. I’ve ridden my bike and the hubby has played Pokemon. We’ve spent more than we would perhaps in a usual week at home when we’ve been on these trips.

But what has really struck us both is how much gorgeous landscape and ‘stuff’ there is to do right near where we live. Even though, this last week, the weather has utterly sucked, we’ve had great fun because of who we’ve been with and because we’ve had a good sense of humour.

The hubby and I will always like to get away (we do both struggle to unwind and leave work alone when we’re at our house) but staying in the UK, near where we live has been a really nice chill out and change of gear. Being skint has helped focus our thoughts and remind us what actually matters.  Family has been amazing and we’re very lucky folk.