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The Birth of a Framework.

Start in the bottom right and then work clockwise (couldn’t work out how to make it collage like I wanted it to!!). That’s the journey.

I’ve had this little brain child growing for ages and I managed to get a kind of image of a finished product sorted when I saw a really pretty light fitting in town the other week. But I’ve still had to spend time thinking about how to flesh it out and to connect the initial framework I was working with during my PhD and for some of my earlier bits of research and thinking work. So to have got the final product- well a more developer stage, as I doubt it will ever be final and finished- is pretty cool

And I know the thoughts and brain farts that I’ve had along the way to get there, but I haven’t quite been able to work out how to bind it together and get the stages to make sense in a way that I can articulate it to explain it to other people. So there is where my GCSE art kicks in!

I loved my art GCSE. I wanted to be an architect for a time and thought it would be really cool but then the gazillion years of study put me off right royally. So I did mechanical engineering instead. But with mech eng, it is still a really visual, practical course. It’s about the hands-on, real world drawing of problems and solving them. I used to really love a good little forces diagram so that you know what’s happening and how it all works. I loved getting my brains (I do have them somewhere) around turning real life things into a diagram so that we could get to the nuts and bolts (sometimes literally) of the problem and sort it.

Turns out, that my sociology head isn’t that different from my engineering head. I picture things. I even rotate the clock hands with my fingers when I’m working out how long something will take. I’m all about pictures.

So over the last few years, months and days, I’ve been working through links and thoughts and whatnot in my head so that I can draw it, and then make the visual link between Bourdieu and Jenkins, and my final theory ideas of a rolly, bally set of Circles of Interaction. I started the final bit of that on Monday this week and then it all clicked into place last night when I made a picture with literal cutting and pasting to be part of a conference, poster presentation thingy. Now I can explain it because I can finally see it and have translated it all onto paper. Even Mr Dr Ross gets it now!

Just need to write a theory paper up once I’ve written up my dyslexia stuff now!