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Brexit- it’s doing my head in!

Despite it being Tuesday and currently not raining (although it is distinctly grim outside), today, I mainly have a face like a wet Monday morning. I have spent much of the weekend asleep and feeling horrible with nasty migraine, something I have had since I was a young one and that persists in flooring me every month without fail. The migraine continued with a vengeance unseen for many months yesterday with me out for the count until 11.15am. I still feel pretty ropey today and like I’ve crawled out from under a rock. Thus, when I am continually bombarded with Brexit this, Brexit that, blah, blah blah, Brexit is doomed, Brexit is triumphant, my patience and ability to calmly enter (or not) the debate is limited.

I voted remain, Mr Dr Ross voted to leave. And that’s OK. We can disagree and maintain civility in the house. I’m pretty sure even the dogs’ opinions on the matter have fluctuated over the last 18 months or so; they are very opinionated little sausages! That capacity to have a difference in opinion but yet still respect others in the vicinity seems to have escaped so many of those involved at the highest levels. Teresa May seems to want to fail at Brexit by presenting a deal that is so pants, no one will look at it, Boris Johnson is so desperate to score points that he’ll say anything to grad a headline and the EU negotiating team just plays on the disjointed infighting so beautifully demonstrated by our lot.

It makes me lose the will to live.

And it makes me furious that these are folk who are ‘successful’ and ‘leaders’ of our nation, who are prominent and direct so many of the discourses that surround our young people. If they don’t sort out the mess that is Brexit soon there may not be many teachers to work with our young people. The people in charge of our nation should debate with honesty and integrity, both of which seem to have bypassed the Brexit process (on both sides). We want our young people to have critical  thinking skills, open minds, and the ability to co-habit in tolerance with those who have different views. If those who are (allegedly) some of the brightest minds of our country cannot demonstrate those qualities and if we are confronted with their demonstrations of insult-led-debate, where do we go to show our young people how ‘professionals’ do it properly. We can do it at classroom and school level, and in the home, but I fear for our actual kids when all they see from politicians is just ‘big kids’ playing at politics in a fancy room in Westminster far away from the rest of us

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