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Who’s in charge up there?

Where do mess-ups stop, and accountability begin?

In any other industry, you’d get in huge amounts of bother for the way that education has been planned and how it has veered from one course to another with seeming wallies at the helm. You’d lay down conservative policies and some cautious plans for when things are wonkier than they might like. That way, if things are better you can do what you planned anyway.

But you plan for the worst-case scenario, and you plan it with plenty of time so that people aren’t chasing their tails. It just seems like common sense to me. But then what do I know?!

I only run a business, teach kids, run projects, do consultancy and manage (most of the time) to organise my life. And if I ran any one element of my life the way the current folk are running the COVID show, I would be out on my own ear, and rightly so!

I get why lock down is happening and I’m dealing with it- I can’t say I like it because I’m human and like seeing and talking to people- but I get on with it because we need to. But this whole last couple of weeks could just have been done so much better and with so much more respect for the people who would be implementing everything on the ground.

Decisions need to be taken early so we can prepare. So that we can do our best and give the best for our kids.

It just all seems a bit silly that no one has thought of this properly and in advance when there was talk of exactly all this lot happening back in Spring. It would have made sense to have some useful decisions and solid guidelines before then.

But then, who really is in charge up there and who is accountable? I properly haven’t got a clue and I’d suggest that others may feel the same.

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