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CPD and in-school support

At Helen’s Place, we offer CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to professionals and organisations working with learners who have dyslexia, special educational needs and disabilities.

Our specialist training will give you and your team all the tools and skills you will need to create an enjoyable environment for your learners. We can deliver this training in your setting, and work with you to ensure all training is relevant to your organisational context.

We can also develop bespoke support packages for your school or organisation. These packages can include professional special educational needs consultancy services, training to meet the needs of your workforce and specific guidance in relation to supporting learners in your setting.

Examples of training we have delivered:

Dyslexia: What is it and what do we do about it?

In this interactive session, participants are given concrete examples of how dyslexia can impact learners in the classroom helping them to understand their experience of learning. Practical strategies are discussed and how they can be implemented in a particular setting is outlined. The session is usually delivered as a half-day INSET session.

“Miss, I just don’t get numbers!”: Understanding and supporting learners with dyscalculia.

Dyscalculia is a relatively under-researched phenomenon, that leaves many professionals struggling when working with learners whose numeracy skills are limited. In this hands-on session, the effects and impact of dyscalculia are shared with participants and pragmatic support techniques are discussed with specific reference to the participants’ educational setting. This session usually runs as a half-day INSET session.

Supporting Learners with ADD/ADHD in a Mainstream Classroom

As a half-day workshop, this training session covers the manifestations of ADD/ADHD in the mainstream classroom and how these conditions can impact learners’ ability to access the curriculum. Strategies employed by teachers are discussed and the importance of high expectations and challenges for learners with these conditions are discussed. Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and draw on their own knowledge to support colleagues in developing innovative means of support to help when working with learners who have ADD or ADHD.

Prices for a half-day INSET session start at £200

Your next steps

For a detailed quotation for your specific needs please get in touch today. We will come back to you within 48 hours.