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Contrarianism: a new political movement or just the daily stance of a kidlet?

Doing a bit of a Google on contrarianism and it pretty much describes me at times, and that is probably quite relevant to this little rant. So Google says that, “A contrarian is a person who holds a contrary position, especially a position against the majority.” There are times where I am very much that person. I’ve never watched Top Gun. Not for any particular reason- never really got round to it when I was younger and now I’m pretty much down the, “I’m never watching Top Gun,” rabbit-hole. Again, not for any particular reason, but because I’m an awkward sod at times!

So transfer that into a small human, with the literal capacity for arguing and falling-out with his own (and my) shadow and that is a recipe for proper grumps. Last week, we had a 45 minute strop on the pavement- the Small Human decided he’d not walk and then had a grump for a wodge and I wasn’t going to pick him up. Eventually we got to the point of going home. I felt like a horrible human- proper horrible- and he said so many sorries, it was untrue. We did both have a good cry and say sorry, but it was borne entirely out of contrarianism and stubbornness. Both of which we both have by the bucket load.

Me and Mr Dr Ross did say that we didn’t want a non-committal, unquestioning child- for sure we do not have that! Of that, there is no doubt.

Small Human has gumption in VAST quantities.

Transfer my contrarianism into a political context, or a policy-making forum though, and I am not afraid to argue or to highlight the counter factual, point out daftness in processes and all the rest of it. I’m confident (on the face of it at least) to stand up and say what I think, to stand up for things when they are not right and to hopefully be useful along the way doing it. My parentals tell me that overall, I wasn’t too bad a child. I’m not sure I believe them, particularly given the Small Human and his will of diamond (harder than iron!).

But, we have a small human whose toddler-based contrarianism has the potential to change the world and become a force for good as a political contrarianism. That can’t be a bad thing surely?

Just need not to have to sit on the pavement for the best part of an hour along the way there!