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What a week- the kids and awesome colleagues really do make it!

This week I’ve been back at work and started new work and it’s all been bonkers. Being back in school after a while out. I had the Little Dude and was on mat leave.

Monday saw me go to INSET at a setting I know well and have enjoyed volunteering in. This time I went there with a different cap on; I am their part-time SENDCo. It was great. The setting is a primary school. The team is amazing and the kids are fab. It’s really near where I live and on my first ‘proper’ day on Wednesday I was excited about some of the things I’ll be able to do. There’s lots to do, but there’s always lots to do. But it’s an exciting time!

Then on Thursday I went back to my ‘regular’ gig at a lovely secondary comprehensive in Wiltshire. It’s a much further way away from where I live and I love the drive. It’s been stunning both evenings. The kids have been AMAZING. My feet barely touched the ground with getting stuff organised and lessons sorted. I managed to get to the loo and have my lunch, which are the key things for the day. It was fab!

The thing that struck me in both settings on all the days was that the kids are lovely. They are so positive and so welcoming. Some of the kids at both my schools have some really tricky things going on- but they are almost invariably lovely. They asked after me and then the Little Dude as well. They did learning. They did working. And they did kindness.

My colleagues were the same. The people working around me have been so very kind. I’ve had offers of coffee, help carrying books and someone copying some documents for me, because my fob didn’t work.

There’s not much on ‘ranting’ today. But sometimes, we need to stop and think about the good stuff that’s been happening in our little bubble. Mine is a bonkers, busy and non-stop bubble.

But in my bubble, there is a lot of good!