Research Projects

Helen is an active freelance qualitative researcher, working on small-scale projects in schools and larger national projects with charities and other organisations. Here are details of her recent work:


British Dyslexia Association and John Hicks- the Human Cost of Dyslexia

Most recently, Helen has worked as a consultant with John Hicks of Spectacles Coaching and the British Dyslexia Association on their recent project the ‘Human Cost of Dyslexia‘. She undertook analysis of qualitative data gathered as part of a semi-structured survey undertaken on line. Findings of the project were then presented at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Dyslexia and Other SpLDs on 24th April 2019 and Helen contributed to the final report, where evidence and recommendations arising from the survey were documented.


In-School Projects

Helen has worked within schools to support the development of practice to support young people with Special Educational Needs. In her own places of work she has developed provision for young people with needs, revising procedures and policies linked to those procedures.

Her own research has explored young people’s experiences of dyslexia and other neurodiversities. Helen subsequently made recommendations to the host-schools regarding their policies based on the evidence gathered from her research and other good practice. Links to publications and other output can be found here.