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Odd Socks and Tea Spoons:  A Whole New World!

There is a place somewhere in the universe that is populated/inhabited entirely by all the odd socks and teaspoons in the world. I don’t know where it is and I don’t know that I’ll ever find it, because if I do find it, I will have a WHOLE load of very lonely socks (the other ones are long gone) and superfluous, mismatched teaspoons. Any one who knows anything about me and my cutlery/crockery feelings will know that I CANNOT abide mismatched elements of either. Strangely though, I’m quite OK with odd socks. Not a clue why but meh!

Allegedly, in the universe everything that will be made has been; the number of atoms isn’t changing and according to good old Dr Einstein and his colleagues, mass and energy are inextricably linked and that link doesn’t stop. Entropy however, does change and constantly increases. When I did engineering, I always understood entropy as a bit like chaos- there is always just more of it.

So I figure, there must be a constant level of odd socks and teaspoons in the world; as per Dr Einstein’s mass-energy connection there is an odd sock- teaspoon constant. And as part of that relationship, the entropy of the odd sock-teaspoon conumdrum increases and the chaos left behind constantly gets bigger- there are never the right teaspoons here and my socks do seem to go walkabout but not on my feet.

So this planet where they go- what’s is like? Why do they go there and what’s better about it than my sock or cutlery drawer?

I do wonder sometimes if thinking about that planet and wondering if it’s better can help to galvanise my ideas for what I want to be better. Creativity and ideas so that the chaos doesn’t increase too much. It will always be a bit bonkers but it doesn’t need to be deranged!

That’s not me saying I don’t like it here and it sucks- far from it. It’s more about me thinking that there is a lot I like and I want to know more about how to make it better, rather than being an odd sock or a teaspoon and running for the hills. Sometimes it might be easier to do that, but then things wouldn’t change.

For energy and mass to stay linked at times some wriggling happens, so when your socks and teaspoons go walkabout, you adjust your life (and drawers) accordingly. So when other things go wonky, or you lose them, you have to change things up a little- the stuff is still there but not where it was. Shifting and changing things up isn’t a bad thing. It can be tricky and you’ll lose and gain energy (and weight, annoyingly) as things move on, but all the best things need a bit of work and change. I like to think that it’s worth it.

After all, we buy new socks and replacement teaspoons and they are generally quite nice, sometimes even better than the old ones!

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