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2021: The Year of the Carnivorous Unicorn

If ever there was a year that did not fail to disappoint, 2021 was it. There was a bit of promise and some excitement last year and until the Monday evening after New Years (when schools had already gone back!), all that was gone in a flash of yet another Downing Street briefing. They were a head-do already by this time last year so now, I just catch the main points later on line and read the relevant changes in legislation when they come out. It is just easier on my brain.

And that has been a key feature of 2021: starting to learn my limits and what I want as I move forward with my work stuff, mainly the consultancy work. Looking at how to balance things and find new ways to go- I have a few ideas for what could be next and they’re exciting but I just need time to see it they fit! But professionally, 2021 has been such a privilege. Research work has been busy and exciting. I’ve developed, written and theorised things. I’ve done ‘real world’ work and I’ve been so blooming lucky. I’m loving work. School is fab and there have been a few changes but they’ve been lovely, bring new people and some real giggles.

COVID has featured strongly in the year and I’m proper sick of it- it’s here and no going away but it doesn’t mean I have to like it! I’m not writing any more about it because I’m bored of it and it’s clearly still going to be kicking about in 2022.

So this year was the year that bought us a 2 year old in whom the force is strong, the will is stronger and the sense of humour is epic! He has started eating all the noses he steals and has started chowing down on ankles and knees. Following a discussion with a gentleman wearing red snow-attire, the child acquired a book which details the nature of unicorns and their associates. The Little Dude confidently informed me, following detailed perusal of his new literature, that unicorns do indeed consume noses, heads, hands and interestingly, fairies. He discussed in detail the carnivorous diet of unicorns, their innate behaviours in their environs and also the diverse range of sounds they can produce (akin to both dinosaurs and donkeys). The Little Dude told me things that I had never known- I sincerely doubt that I would have experienced that, had 2021 not been utterly bloody bonkers!

So that is what I am taking from 2021. There is nothing sensible, lots of bonkersness and a whole load of loveliness with family. I am actually going to ignore as much of the crap as I can, because some of it has been horrifically upsetting and stressful.

2022 will probably be the same, but I have the advantage that I start this year with new knowledge, a happy kiddo, insane doglets and a patient and gracious Mr Dr Ross. We’ll roll with the many forthcoming punches and see where we are this time next year.

Hopefully still intact, having had a few giggles along the way.

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