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The weight of the world

I saw a meme the other day and it was fantastic. It showed a person with a massive great big stone on their back. It had all of the things that are crappy in the world at the moment written on it: COVID; Lockdown; home-schooling; no time to work; not seeing family; global pandemic etc., and then the person in the picture was talking to themselves wondering why they were tired.

And that’s about where we are now.

Normally by this time of this term in the real world, we are on our knees. We are at the end of week 5 and in the normal world we would be utterly zonked and dead on our feet. So it’s no surprise that we’re all totally and utterly fed up now with online learning, kiddos being glued to computers and no ‘proper’ contact with their friends. We’re all knackered. We are also allowed to be zonked!

Online learning is killer and not actually properly seeing kiddos is just not particularly nice. Not teaching kids properly with seeing them in person just isn’t fun. There is a pandemic on and we have NO clue when/if/how schools will be going back. I’ve not a clue when I can start to do in-person work with all my kiddos and new clients. And I’m really desperate to start doing all my assessments again, because I love doing it and I miss doing it!

We have got the weight of the world on us at the moment, because at the moment the world is a heavy place and teaching is a tricky thing to do in ‘normal’ times anyway.

But, as I have done before, I will quote the great Yazz (ca 1988), “The only way is up, baby!”.

That, and it’s nearly half term!

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