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Deadbeat Teachers: the scourge of modern times.

Or at least that’s what some people who have you think!

Last week teachers were superheroes and now we’ve reverted to being workshy faineants who only work 9 till 3 at a push. Never is our position anywhere in the middle.

There are three things that prompted me to write this: a friend commented on my last one saying that we were slated and hated too much; the announcement from BoJo that schools wouldn’t open before 8th March. Understandably, given the current situation, teachers and unions were concerned and asked questions. I get that. But all the other educational experts, who have been to school don’t you know, had plenty to say as well! Cue shedloads of noise about teachers ruining lives and being too lazy to work, and schools have been closed and no-one’s been bothering with anything since March 2020.

So this week, teachers are now scum of the earth.

There is no middle ground. Teachers for the most part, like most other people in their jobs work hard, and as my lovely friend said just wanted to be able to get on with our jobs without being venerated. But also (quite reasonably) she didn’t want to be put on a pedestal either.

There aren’t many jobs where people in that job are painted in such dichotomous lights. But teachers are certainly up there.

So teachers: do they only work 9-3 and never during their holidays; do they sack off any work during lockdowns and ‘closures; do they not care about anyone at all and enjoy taunting and ruining children’s lives and using a pandemic as an excuse to achieve all of the above.

Well no. Dur…. no! Clearly not!

We are just folks, trying to do our best to just get on with our chuffing jobs! Stop venerating us. Stop slating us and just let us get on with it!

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