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Hand does not talk to foot.

When different parts of a body don’t speak to one another (or communicate through nerves and whatnot) then that body tends to have difficulties doing various bits and bobs. If I try to chew with my whole mouth but I’ve had something done on my teeth with anaesthetic, then my chewing escapades are not entirely successful. The two bits of my mouth don’t talk to each other because one half isn’t listening. If I try to stand up on both feet but I’ve been sitting on one of my legs so that it’s ‘dead’, then I’m quite likely to hit the deck. This it not fictional- it happens a lot to me because I’m pretty inept.

So why then, do the different arms of government just not talk to each other?!?!?!?!?!?!


The DfE has one idea: test teachers loads because that’s a good idea! Public Health England has another standpoint: don’t test teachers because that’s not what the tests are for! I mean that, that is just utter muppetry really isn’t it!

Another one from the DfE: Live lessons are best. This is in direct opposition to Ofsted’s opinion that they’re not. Now I’m not here to argue which are best and why- both have their place in current times- but what I will argue and get really annoyed with is this idea that these different elements within one larger structure just do not communication properly.

Communication. It’s not rocket science and yet apparently, it is.

Organisations do better and look better- just in terms of PR- when their representatives speak with a united voice; they toe the party line. But at present both organisationally and for individuals within the wider structures of government, this doesn’t seem to be happening. Lots of voices are sounding, many hands are typing and pens are wagging but they are not talking to each other first.

It’s not good. It’s just not good and how on earth are schools supposed to plan, react or just do day-to-day at the moment?

I don’t know that I’d be any better, but at least I understand the point of trying and not always giving my opinion but rather taking the party line, or better still: saying nothing at all!

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