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Territory- the dogs had theirs and Daddy took it!

Until the other day, the dogs had their own bedroom. They knew it was where they were meant to go to sleep, where they waited for us to give them their bedtime treats ,and where they were sent to when they tried to sleep in our room. “Go to bed!” had a meaning for the hounds.

Until their Daddy stole their room!

Now they don’t know where to go. See, their Daddy has been working at home for most of 2020 now, and has been using our spare room as his base (we are aware that we are very, very lucky for space in our gaff). But he’s just not sure when he’ll be going back to work on campus so he’s been at a bit of an impasse as to what to do with himself and his stuff. And sadly, Daddy saw the hounds’ room as fair game and prime real estate in the Ross House. And so, for the first time ever, following a negotiation with the hounds, they lost the argument and now have to share a room with the spare room.

They are NOT happy. They are confused and they were very grumpy with Daddy when they didn’t know where to go to “Go to bed!”, the other day. They came upstairs, turned right and went to their room… Except that it wasn’t their room anymore! It’s their Daddy’s office.

There were two very confused doglets.

But then they did a little big of doggy maths and thinking, and realised that their new shared room, shared with the spare room, is actually quite a cool space. Not only is their sofa in there, but there is a massive double bed in there, where His Lordship has already carved out a space anyway. But now he’s allowed to kip in there legitimately!

They’re still a bit confused and a bit grumpy with Daddy, but I think they might survive!