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Now I get it: Answers for people that need it

The gravity of what I do when I work with kiddos hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. A kiddo I’ve been working with also was always going to be assessed by me this summer, but it ran a little later than we were hoping to start everything off because of lockdown and whatnot. And I finished working with them yesterday and crunching numbers quite late at night. So then I ended up writing all of the assessment up.

This kiddo is a bright little button. They are amazing! So amazing. They are a ray of sunshine in people’s lives, that much I can tell and their parents are just such kind people. They are frantic and worried about their kiddo and their reading. And this kiddo is a properly bright button. A properly bright, creative and bubbly little sausage. And this kiddo can barely read.

It is heart-breaking.

But I can give this family an answer and we can talk with their kiddo’s school and we can hatch a plan. We can hatch a plan to support this amazing kiddo, to build their self-esteem and help their unlock their amazingness.

Answers are so important. Whatever you’re unsure of, or whatever is blocking you and what you think you’re on the cusp of, answers are what makes things clearer. I felt that when I had my dyslexia diagnosis. I’d spent a gazillion years at school feeling really crappy and stupid because I couldn’t read any questions in A level maths. Then finally, when we met the Ed Psych and she told me what was going on with me and why I found stuff tricky. It all made sense. I had an answer.

And that’s what I’ll give this family when I pop the report over to them. it’ll be hard and there will probably be some upset and work in negotiating new ways of seeing things.

But they’ll have an answer and a way forward.