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Team meetings- Maisie is in attendance

Today’s team meeting for the project I work on with Swansea uni was attended by all and good catching up was had. They are all such lovely people. Lyle has written a book and we’re all in it. We wrote stuff ourselves and she’s included it. I do sound a little like a hyperactive child in the middle of a group of proper grown ups but that’s ok. I think that is pretty much what I am. I can’t remember the word she used to describe me in her proper-grown-up analysis of everything but it was a proper grown up word and it was apt.

The meeting was positive because the team is largely very positive, and in the event that one of us isn’t, the others gee them up to jolly them along and keep morale up. That is particularly important at the moment, because, you know: global pandemic.

I like to think though, that the star of today’s little session was her ladyship. She was curled up on my lap and then she was leaning on me, and then she sat up. All of this was done in complete quiet and with an uncharacteristic lack of pushiness- Maisenator can be a little monster when she wants stuff- but today, she was calm and quiet and clearly just wanted her mummy. So today, after a whole wodge of time not having her mummy because of work and assessments and whatnot, and mummy working over in the office instead of under Maisie’s chin, her Ladyship had mummy next to her. And she is absolutely milking it for all it’s worth. Noone could miss the Maisenator today. She was in that meeting and proud.

Also, she was cuddly and cute and lovely!

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