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It’s been a little while…

I’ve got dyslexia and it can be a bit of a pain at times. Reading, writing and remembering stuff just isn’t the easiest thing in the world ever.

But sometimes, I’ve got dyslexia and it isn’t a pain. Sometimes it leads to amazing things and opportunities. It spurred me on to do lots of things, work-wise, study-wise and learning of stuff.

These last few weeks have been some of those weeks where amazing opportunities have arisen, which is part of why it’s been quiet on the Helen-front for a while! (that and we’ve had a bit of poorliness in the family- all resolved now but not nice for a little while)

All the way along, since I met Mr Dr Ross, I’d wanted to look in detail about special educational needs and how to best support kiddos. I wanted to do that so I could talk with policy people, do research projects and learn about evaluating programmes. And hopefully get paid for it!

In the last 2 weeks opportunities to do all of the above have come true. I’m working on a couple of really, really cool projects and writing a couple of really cool papers. The dyslexia course I’ve been doing is 2 dyslexia-tests away from me writing the final report and getting everything signed off so I can be a formal assessor.

March is going to be busy, April will be a bit quieter and I will be zonked by Easter, but it will be good trip between now and then!

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