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New year, new ventures and new bits of home life!

I’d have written sooner, but someone cut through the internet cable in our road and we’re waiting for it to be fixed- it’s been more than 2 weeks and so far Open Reach have not been forthcoming! Then my laptop fell on the floor and the screen is pretty darn mashed, so that was useful!

2019 was a very kind year to the Ross house! We have been very, very lucky. I’ve had articles published, worked with the British Dyslexia Association, spoken to a Parliamentary Group, done paid research and had a small person. All of these things were hoped for, worked for and a little unexpected at the same time. I have been very, very lucky. But that has been underpinned by lots of hard work, some scary choices and moves in 2018 and a kind, patient husband who puts up with me and makes a lot of things possible!

A lovely Christmas, spent with family, friends and lovely colleagues preceded a rock and roll new year that saw us in bed good and early, with no booze- I’d already got back on my Slimmingworld wagon after a few weeks of bonkersness!

Then 2020 happened! How did we get to 2020. I feel like the millennium was 2 minutes go when I went to the Robbins Well in Leamington with all my friends and had a fantastic time!  But here we are.

It’s 2020.

This year, I have a few ideas for things I want to do and pathways to explore and I’m quite excited. I’ll finish my AMBDA course, all being well, so I’ll be able to formally assess people for specific learning difficulties, as well as provide specialist teaching; there are a few publications in the pipeline which are quite cool and very different from each other; there is a project team I’ve been working with and we’re hoping to apply for more pennie to keep the work going and I’m cooking a few more ideas of my own. I’ve my regular gig as a art-time SEN teacher in a secondary school, which is fab. And there’s my new job a day a week in a school near me, and the Little Dude will be in nursery full time.

I don’t quite know what the outcomes of all the different things to be looked at and explored, but I do know that there are going to be some exciting things and it’s all being done as a team with all of the lovely inhabitants of Casa de los Ross, the Husband, the Little Dude and the hounds included!